Island Shutter Company is a leading manufacturer of Custom Interior Hardwood Plantation Shutters providing a beautiful and versatile alternative to conventional window and door treatments.Shipping is available nationwide and expert installation/repair service is offered throughout Central Florida including Volusia, Flagler, St. Johns, Brevard, Orange and Osceola Counties.

Beautiful - Visually appealing, Plantation Shutters capture the ambiance of a tropical setting while affording elegance and sophistication with their uncluttered appearance and architectural detail.
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Durable - Hardwoods are naturally resistant to warping, bending and cracking and, as with all fine home furnishings, our Plantation Shutters will provide you with a beautiful, and virtually maintenance free, appearance for years to come. Unlike conventional window and door treatments, Hardwood Shutters enhance your property value because they are considered a permanent architectural improvement to your home. Browse our Selection Guide to compare the different options we have available for you.

Practical - Hardwood Shutters have been used throughout history to repel the elements and you too can take advantage of their high energy efficiency rating to help reduce the ever-increasing costs of heating and cooling your home. Additionally, wood shutters come from a renewable resource, outlast conventional forms of window and door treatments, and are biodegradable, so our environmental impact is minimal. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like more information about our products.

The Beauty of Wood, The Strength of Technology ...
Polytropic Shutters are the latest in synthetic technology. They offer a harder surface, therefore stronger and more durable than other solid cellular shutters on the market today.
Because of their solid construction, they can be sawed, sanded and painted just like traditional wood shutters. These technologically superior shutters will not yellow and you will not find end caps to hide the hollow construction of vinyl or PVC shutters. Polytropic Shutters are painted, therefore making them more pleasing to the eye than plastic units.


The Polytropic Original shutter is a traditional look in shutters. The louvers are elliptical shaped and the rails and devider rails have a recessed "mouse hole." This allows the tiltrod to tilt into them for a tight closure. The "Original" also comes with an assortment of full framing systems to complement any window design.