Shutter Composition - Plantation Shutters by Island Shutter Company are made of American Poplar. This is a wonderfully versatile hardwood because of its smooth, closed grain surface which accepts paints, stains and varnishes easily. You may customize using Specialty Woods, such as Cypress, Cherry or Oak, to satisfy your individual taste and decor.

Louver Size - Your louver size determines how you see your world outside. The wider the louver, the less obscured your view will be. Island Shutter Company offers louver sizes of 21/2", 31/2", 41/2", and 51/2". The most popular sizes are the 21/2" and 31/2".

Applications - Island Shutter Company can create the custom look and feel you want on any door or window. Becoming ever more popular are applications on French and Sliding Patio doors giving your entranceways a warm, inviting appearance. Specialty applications such as Bifolds and Arcs can be created where traditional window and door treatments are sometimes troublesome.